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Andreas Trojan, the SwissProsthetics project mentor struggled to find a suitable prosthesis for his 6-year old daughter Sophia, who was born without a left hand (Dysmelie/Amelie). In their experience, the procedure to obtain a first prosthesis was cumbersome, expensive, and solutions to enable playing the violin were not available. In addition, there was no process to change the prosthesis according to activity and finally it lacked a good part of fun factor and did not allow for a feeling of independence.

As a consequence, Andreas sought a collaboration with the ZHAW and later the Wyss Zurich in order to develop and provide a pragmatic solution. The result is a modular system, with exchangeable hand modules for the various activities. We are very excited about this outcome and thus would like to enable other children and adults to also benefit from our solution.

Andreas Trojan

The father of Sophia, initiator of the project, and oncologist by profession. He initiated the “appsocial.org” foundation, located in Zürich, to start the Wyss Associate Project. He initiated a novel e-health platform and heads a patient outcome study in oncology.

Fabian Schollenberger

Systems engineer who collaborated on this project since the beginning at ZHAW. Inspired by the modular hand prosthesis project, he got involved in various research projects in artificial hand prosthetics during his master thesis. He is spearheading the technical parts of the project.

Lukas von Tobel

Biologist by training, holding a PhD in cell and molecular biology. He left his job in IT/Pharma working as a Study Design Analyst to work on this project. He coordinates the project.

Ralph Jacob

He obtained his “Meisterbrief” in Orthopädietechnik from the school of Karl Bosch at Heidelberg and worked several years at the Universitätsklinik Göttingen and Universitätsklinik Balgrist. With his technical background and his medical understanding he supports SwissProsthetics to optimize the connection from the modular prosthesis to the arm of the patient.

Laurin Schaffner

He joined the SwissProsthetics team in August 2018 as an Industrial Designer. He collaborated with the startup during his diploma project at Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK). After his graduation he joined the team to further develop the product.

Hannah Marti

She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Design of the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts. With her innovative thinking and 3D modeling skills she supports SwissProsthetics to develop and improve their product.

Eva Navarro

She studied biomedical engineering in Valencia, her home town, and worked as an orthopaedic technician. Thanks to her mixed background she joined the project to support different activities, such as quality management and device testing and modeling.

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