Glad, you asked.


I want your product! What shall I do?
Awesome decision! Please register interest through our website so we can keep you updated on testing series and pre-order options. FYI: We are aiming to launch the customized shaft and the versatile hands in 2021 with orthopedic technician partners.
Can I test your product?

Yes! It would be great if you could contribute to our product development. Sign up here.

I don't have a hand. Can I wear your product?

The prosthetic shaft is designed for people with below the elbow amputations or limb differences. The shaft is suitable for children who are older than five years. If you want to find out whether you are eligible, please speak to your orthopedic technician.

How affordable is your product?
Affordability is our promise to you. We are not giving discounts, but we are trying to make our products as affordable as possible for everybody. Right now, we are working on a reimbursement opportunity so you can deduct the expenses from the insurance carrier.
You say your product is lightweight & waterproof. Why?

The weight of your shaft depends on the geometry of your arm and the liner that your orthopedic technician thinks is best for you. Generally, the weight of the hands is between 150-300g. Our products are made out of PA12, a common material used in Medtech. Through the application of PA12, our products are resistant to water, chlorine water, and saltwater.

How does the online configurator work?

First, your arm will be scanned by one of our prosthetic partners who then enters the parameters into our online configurator. There, you can personalize your prosthetic shaft by choosing your favorite color & pattern. 

Do you also have prosthetics for legs?
Nope. For now, hands are all we got.
How does the modular system work?

Easy! You have one shaft and many hands. You can exchange your hands, depending on the activity you want to pursue. This video explains it well.

Is your product compatible with other shaft systems?

Currently, the hands are just compatible with our prosthetic shaft system.

Is your product certified as medical device?

Yes! We are currently certifying it according to the Medical Device Regulation, thus it complies with ISO-13485.


Can I pre-order your product?

Sure! All you need to do is to register interest through our contact form and leave us a message that you want to pre-order a shaft and/or hands.

I do not live in Switzerland. Can I still get your product?

Yes! You‘ ll be able to purchase hands through our upcoming online store regardless of where you live in Europe. The purchase of the customized shaft will partly depend on the geographic location of the orthopedic technicians since they will be the ones fitting it to your arm.


I have an orthopedic technician. Can he/she order the shaft?

Not until he/she becomes one of our partners :-). If you want our customized shaft, please tell him to contact us.

I am a clinician & like your idea. Can I cooperate with you?

Good to meet you! On this page, you find information on how our cooperation will look like.