3D-printed & Affordable Prostheses for Kids & Adults

With our variety of activity tools, you enjoy powerful moments.

Simple but functional – this is our credo. Our affordable system is composed of different parts, such as a robust shaft, a clutch, and hand modules. The easily exchangeable modules are available in different sizes and colors.



The comfortable shaft adjusts perfectly to each arm. You design your individual shaft in our online configurator. The lacing system actuates shaft contraction whenever needed.

Shaft Design


The flexible biking hand allows you to strike a proper balance with your bike. Equipped with a flexible wrist and a braking finger, smooth steering, and braking on both sides is possible.



The simple swimming hand allows you to explore the deep ocean & your neighbor’s pool. Designed as a human-like palm, paddling, and symmetric breaststrokes can be done easily.



The solid climbing hand allows you to go bouldering or top-rope climbing. Through our patented mechanism, the hand can carry up to your full body weight. Really possible? Try it.


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