3D Printed Modular Prosthetic Manufacturer

With our 3D-printing technology in prosthetics, you help people with ease.

Become one of our professional manufacturing partners and help us distribute our solution worldwide. As an orthopedic technician, you manufacture individual prosthetic shafts together with us and provide people with our versatile solution. The process is easy and intuitive, and above all, saves time!

professionals customising prosthetic shaft online



Through our online configurator, you can assemble the shaft system by inserting multiple parameters of the patient’s arm. The process is as follows: You insert a 3D-scan or measured data of the patient’s arm into our online configurator. A parameter-based model of the prosthetic arm is sent to a certified 3D-printing manufacturer. You receive the shaft and fit it to the patient. The patient can perform the required activity and expand his repertoire with our modular system. 



  • 3D printing technology: will lighten your heavy workload
  • Cost-benefit advantage: with every order, you save up to 3 full working days
  • Access to new patients: take advantage of our user communities’ network
  • Optimal patient care: the patient receives a highly functional and individually designed product
  • Quality assurance: our product is certified as a medical device & complies with ISO-13485.